Top 7 Best Ways To Earn Bitcoins For Free Online In 2018

Bitcoin has become a sensational element on the Internet for both positive and negative reasons. But one thing that no one can deny is; Bitcoin is empowering the path-breaking technology of Blockchain.

That said, many of us want to get our hands on with Bitcoin for numerous reasons such as for online shopping, investment purpose, or for trading cryptocurrencies. In simple terms, Bitcoin is the focal element of the whole Blockchain realm.

Coming to the subject, we all know how to buy bitcoins; simply using online crypto exchanges by spending our money. But that’s not what this post is all about, In this article, we are touching a whole different area of earning Bitcoins online for free in 2018.

Note: Remember, Unlike 2017 Bitcoin is no longer available for cheap in 2018 as its value has grown multiple times. That’s why you will not be able to earn bitcoin in an easy manner but for sure you can earn them for free. And by free we mean ‘you need to spend other elements of time and efforts. 

Here we’ve compiled a list of effective ways to earn bitcoin for free:

1. Micro Jobs (Bitcoin Faucets etc.)

Micro Jobs use to be the most popular and effective ways to earn free bitcoins in past. But as you can see, the scenario has totally changed considering the soaring price of Bitcoin. Now many of the popular Bitcoin faucets sites are no longer active to give away free Bitcoins but there are few which provide a small amount of Satoshis for completing certain tasks and one such example is; 99Bitcoins gives up to 1000 Satoshis (0.00001BTC) every five minutes.

2. Write About Bitcoins

Believe it or not, this has been the most profitable ways to earn Bitcoins online. Though it takes significant amount time, effort, and knowledge from your side but the payout is quite attractive. You do need certain skills such as good English, knowledge about Blockchain, and awareness of the crypto world.

And then you can sure make a decent amount of Bitcoin by employing your writing skills but the payout varies from platform to platform. For instance; if you are already an experienced writer or blogger then you could write for well-established crypto oriented news/blog websites that pay as much as $100 per 1000 word blog post. If you are looking to start your own crypto blog then it might take a certain portion of time and effort but in the long run, it can pay an enormous amount of Bitcoins depending on the number of viewership you’ve managed to build. For instance; some of the popular Bitcoin oriented blog charges as much as 0.4 BTC to publish ICO related press releases.

3. Bitcoin Lending

If you already own a certain amount of Bitcoin and planning to hold them for a while. Then Bitcoin lending is a good option to put your Bitcoins in work and generate a significant amount of interest on them. That said, in recent time, lending platforms are no longer considered a safe place to earn interest on your Bitcoins because of significant appreciation in Bitcoin’s value.

Even today Bitcoin lending is as safe as Bank fixed deposits; it is just that you will get a return similar to Bank fixed deposits. Well, It’s better to earn lesser interest than to lose your entire principal. The safe lending platform that comes to first place is; POLONIEX, yes you heard that right, Poloniex is one of the leading and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe. And fortunately, they also provide the lending feature in their exchange where you can lend your Bitcoins for any number of days starting a minimum of 2 to any number of days. Here the rate of interest depends on the loan demands so we can’t give you are a sure shot figure, but to give you an idea; you can earn interest of 0.0062% for lending 0.10 BTC for 2 days.

4. Bitcoin Trading

Trading is one of the most prominent ways to earn quick Bitcoins in a shorter span of time. But if you just a beginner then you should gain enough knowledge about a trading aspect of cryptocurrency only then you should try this method. The idea is pretty simple; trade your bitcoins against other cryptocurrencies and sell them when their price rises. Many of the popular exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, or Binance allows you to trade the cryptocurrencies against Bitcoin (BTC), that means whenever your trading targets are achieved, you bound to earn a reward in form of BTC.

5. Gambling

If you are planning to earn Bitcoin at the same time along with some adrenaline rush, then Gambling could be an effective option to earn a good amount of BTC. There are plenty of gambling sites on the web that allows you to take chance to win a big amount. We don’t want to advocate gambling or pollute  this post  by providing loads  of gambling link at any cost but here is one such example:

But remember don’t take this medium too seriously as eventually you’ll gonna loose so know when to ‘hit and run’.

6. Render Bitcoin Related Services

Irrespective of what investment pundits across the globe think about Bitcoin or Blockchain. But the truth of the fact is that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the glimpses of the future world and they are bound to get evolve with every coming day. Considering the success of Bitcoin, it leaves you with too many options to build your career in blockchain industry.

You can work as a Blockchain developer for upcoming or existing ICOs, become a mining expert, website manager, freelancer, or an online marketer for blockchain. You can try websites like XBTFreelancer for crypto-related jobs.

7. Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

Don’t we know whether fiat currency or cryptocurrency will exist in future? But one thing we know for sure is that; no matter what will happen in the coming days but affiliate marketing/commission based marketing will always be there. Considering the every paying aspect of affiliate marketing, you can easily earn a significant amount of Bitcoins by just promoting blockchain/crypto/bitcoin-related products, sites, wallets, icos to your social media handles, website, blogs, friends and earn whenever someone buys or avail the services using your shared links