Top Female Blockchain and Crypto Influencers You Can Follow

As we all know that Cryptocurrency as an ecosystem is growing with every coming day. After the late 2017 Crypto market bull run, the blockchain industry has managed to witness numerous developments to date.

But now in 2020, the whole cryptocurrency as a concept is no longer considered as a quick formula of making speculative income. Now people are looking at Crypto as a path-breaking Defi technology that has the potential to surpass the centralized banking system.  This stability aspect has managed to attract numerous venture capitalists, companies, and influencers in the crypto segment.

Unfortunately, like many other industries, the underrepresentation of women is quite evident in the crypto industry as well.

As a crypto observer, I have observed that female participation is significantly improved in recent times, especially with female crypto influencers. To promote the female representation in the crypto block, I’ve decided to create this article where I’ve compiled the list of some of the amazing and well informed female influencers.

The list is arranged in alphabetical order as per their first name, and I didn’t try to rank them on any sort of parameter:

Catalina Castro (Tech With Catalina)

Tech With Catalina
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Catalina is actively involved in educating the people about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology not only through social media platforms but also in University. According to her LinkedIn profile, She teaches at the University of Nicosia, (providing the first Spanish Online Course about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies). Presently, She runs two Youtube channels, one is in Spanish (Tech Con Catalina) and another one is in English.

Heidi Chakos (Crypto Tips)

Crypto Tips
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Heidi’s long term association with the Crypto industry since 2016 makes her one of the most scholastic influencers. She is known for producing a variety of videos around crypto, specifically her vlog-style videos where she explains the latest developments around the industry. She along with her partner Toby Cunningham runs the long-standing Youtube channel named “Crypto Tips“.

Lea Thompson (Girl Gone Crypto)

Girl Gone Crypto
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Lea is well known for creating blockchain-related YouTube videos that are predominantly aimed at educating people about every aspect of blockchain technology. She conducts podcasts and interviews of influential names from the crypto industry on her channel where she discusses the latest trends, issues, developments around blockchain technology. Her work is dedicated to educating people about crypto adoption.

Naomi Brockwell (NBTV)

Naomi Brockwell
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Naomi’s pristine association with the blockchain industry says it all. She appeared on numerous mainstream channels like Fox Business discussing the aspects of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Brockwell runs her own YouTube channel where she creates wares of content around Crypto that includes daily news, interviews with industry experts, and chart analysis.

Rachel Siegel (Crypto Finally)

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Rachel is one of the most creative influencers in the crypto segment per se. The unique aspect of Rachel’s content according to me is its versatility. She is popularly known for delivering short informative clips around crypto through her musical humor on YouTube as well as on TikTok. Apart from that, she also hosts interviews of significant people from the blockchain industry on her YouTube channel.

Wendy O (CryptoWendyO)

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Wendy is another renowned influencer in the crypto community. She hosts her own daily crypto show called “The O Show” on her YouTube channel where she talks about the daily affairs around the crypto and blockchain industry. Personally, I really like the way she presents all those cryptocurrency updates like a gossip show format which automatically increases the attention span of those videos.

Editor’s Note: Details about influencers could be inconsistent or vary, as I didn’t interview or got touch with any of them for details. This information is gathered solely based on independent research by referring to influencer’s social channels.

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