How To Buy Bitcoin With Skrill In 2018 In 6 Ways

As we all know that cryptocurrency culture has started to grow across the globe and everyone wants to purchase the mother of cryptocurrency “Bitcoin”. Isn’t it true?

Well, It’s 2018 and you can easily buy Bitcoin using a domestic exchange of your country which allows you to deposit fund via net banking or debit/credit card.

But there are people who don’t want to disclose the card information of their debit/credit cards to these exchanges considering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are still unregulated in the major part of the world. Now the question arises, how can someone buy Bitcoin without using his/her cards or net banking. Well, that’s very simple, PayPal and Skrill are the best online payment transfer system to complete the task.

But the difficult part is that only handful of exchanges across the globe accepts payment in these modes. Though you can purchase Bitcoin using Paypal on various exchanges it is become really hard to buy one for yourself using Skrill

Don’t worry, we’ve come with a complete list of exchanges that allows Skrill as a payment method to purchase Bitcoin.


Spectrocoin is one of the fastest emerging Bitcoin exchange platforms with an abundance of payment modes. Similarly, you can also buy Bitcoin on Spectrocoin using Skrill considering your account is verified on Spectrocoin. You can make a minimum deposit of 1 EUR and a maximum deposit of 5000 EUR per day. Likewise, you can make a minimum withdrawal of 3 EUR and maximum one-time withdrawal of 5000 EUR.


This one is an unusual exchange or we should say not a Bitcoin exchange. It is actually used to purchase Second Life Lindens (LL), a type of currency that is used in the virtual world second life. That said, it is completely possible to buy SLL using your Skrill account and then you can trade the SLL for Bitcoin.


Bitpanda is one of the renowned Bitcoin-exchanges that allows Skrill as a payment option for Bitcoin purchase. But the only downside is that; the Skrill feature is available for people based in Europe only. And also the exact fees for purchasing with Skrill are not displayed publically. You will only be shown a buy price at checkout.

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is another option out there. It is an escrow service that connects you with users online who accept Skrill for Bitcoin. In other words, It is ebay for Bitcoins and the only drawback is that; you should be cautious while choosing seller’s profile and avoid the one with bad reviews at any cost.

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Paxful is just an alternative to Local Bitcoins and pretty much offers similar features. You are again dealing with individuals so you should wisely select the person you are trading with.

Cubits is another Europe based bitcoin exchange out there that offers a variety of payment options for buying Bitcoins. Thankfully, they also offer Skrill as one of their payment methods to buy Bitcoin. But the only downside is that; they need a verified profile for the same and they only support a limited number of Countries for the same.