John Oliver Explains Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency In Comic Way

If you are an avid technology gossip follower then you might be aware of John Oliver. He is an English comedian who is well known for his persuasive explanations of enigmatic topics like net neutrality.

John Oliver Explains Bitcoin In Best Possible Way for a Layman

This time Oliver inclined his attention towards the buzzing topic of the internet that is Bitcoin. “Everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers,” Oliver said.

He tried to explain the Bitcoin in the 25-Minute video using a variety of interesting elements to cut down on boredom. The video includes a $15,000 Beanie Babies, a street interview with a man who uses chicken McNuggets as a metaphor for mother cryptocurrency “Bitcoin”, HODLGANG rap music video to elaborate the bullish scenario of cryptocurrency.

HODL is a term used in the crypto community which defines hold on to the cryptocurrency for life. 

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“The important thing to remember here is this is a brand-new, very complicated space and literally nobody knows how it’s going to develop, so you need to be careful,” Oliver mentioned.

He added, “I know that sounds boring, caution is a tough sell when you’re up against BitConnect and HODLGANG.”

If you are new to Bitcoin, Blockchain, or Cryptocurrency concept then the video is worth to watch.