PacCoin Surpassed Ripple XRP To Reach 3rd Rank on Coinmarketcap?

In last few months, we’ve seen a huge surge in the popularity of unknown crypto coins thanks to clueless paid YouTubers. Like those, there is a cryptocurrency ‘PacCoin‘ which recently pushed Ripple’s XRP to grab the third position on on Friday.

That said, you might not know about this event even if you are a big-time crypto enthusiast as it was a momentary error in listing on Coinmarketcap.

PAC Coin on 3rd rank Coinmarketcap
PAC Coin ranked 3rd on Coinmarketcap

But after a short span of time, the listings on returned to normal at around 6.15pm GMT, and Ripple regained its position as the third cryptocurrency on the listing platform.

The price of PacCoin was listed as $0.014 and showed a market cap of $36,304 billion compared to Ripple’s $32,388 billion.

Here you can see the current status of PacCoin on Coinmarketcap:

Now it is showing it has 3,880,657,660 $PAC circulating currently in total.

Reddit threads claimed CoinMarketCap was using the old PAC circulation data for its circulation supply and the amount should have been divided by 100.