What Is PacCoin? Beginner’s Guide To People’s Alternative Choice Coin

What Is PacCoin?

PacCoin also known as People’s Alternative Choice Coin is the third generation cryptocurrency that is focusing four key factors including Community, Charity, Content, and Choice. According to its white paper, It is a community-driven successor to Bitcoin, incorporating numerous reforms such as a two-tier incentivized network, known as the Masternode network.

PacCoin was created in 2013 by William Corliss and at that time, it was known as Pacifica Nation’s official coin.

This coin is a lesser-known crypto asset in the blockchain world but 2017 had been a path-breaking year for the coin as it saw a sudden surge in its value. At the beginning of 2018, PAC had actually become one of the cheapest crypto coins, with a marginally large total supply of approximately 3.5 trillion coins and a planned cap of 100 trillion.

That said, PacCoin is also one of the pumps and dumps coins out there which creates the question mark on the credibility of these cheap coins.

Where and How to Buy PacCoins

At the time of writing in March 2018, PacCoins are available for purchase on these three trading platforms only:

PacCoin RoadMap

Here you can view the roadmap for 2018-19 via PacCoin Whitepaper:

PacCoin Road Map for 2018-19
PacCoin Road Map for 2018-19

Should You Buy PacCoin? Is it worth investing?

Believe it or not, PacCoin is no longer an unknown creature in the crypto land thanks to paid YouTube videos and Coinmarketcap.com listing error that led Pac to 3rd position for the moment on Friday, March 09, 2018.

That being said, if you believe in its Whitepaper and roadmap then you should definitely invest in the coin. But if we analyze the price appreciation or depreciation of these altcoins, they are extremely dependent on the value action of Bitcoin.

Word of Caution

But here are the few things you should consider before buying them:

  • Pump and Dump scheme: You never know whether these crypto assets are coming with a genuine action plan or just taking the advantage of the hyped crypto buzz so that key stakeholders could dump by abandoning the project.
  • What happens in whitepaper stays in the whitepaper: This might sound a pure assumption but you can’t let your hard-earned money go on the reliance of marketed whitepapers with huge claims. You should properly study each and every aspect of PacCoin before planning to invest any penny in it.